My name is Oli. I am a Test Engineer working in the healthcare sector after graduating with a BSc in Mathematics with Computer Science. I live in Oxford in the UK but I'm originally from a small town, on the south-east coast of Britain.

I'm interested in loads of (random) things, which on the surface seem to not fit together that well! As a maths student, I spent a lot of time in the world of numbers and as a computing student, the world of code! Having said that, I love the natural world. I love nature, animals and wildlife. A lot of my free time is taken up running my business, Bunny Breaks, which looks after people's pets while they are away on holiday. Have a look at the blog for more info on those!

I hope you find some of the stuff on this website interesting and/or useful. If you spot any problems or bugs in the tools en route, please let me know via my contact page, with details of what/where the problem is.

Thanks for visiting!